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Carriers' View

The Iroquois Group has good relationships with many of the nation’s top insurance companies. Click on the image above to view a 2:39 video and learn what carriers have to say about Iroquois.

Iroquois 101

Watch this video for an overview of how The Iroquois Group works with insurance companies and independent property and casualty agents.

Iroquois 201

(2:27) - This video will give you more details about the Iroquois Group. It will also explain how an independent insurance agent can grow due to our marketing expertise and profit sharing. 

A value proposition (1:32)

Cruger Ragland says joining the Iroquois Group insurance network was a good decision because his Virginia agency has experienced enhanced growth, profit sharing and market alliances while maintaining its independence.

Commissions, education among benefits (1:48)

Higher commissions, better profit sharing and the ability to stay up-to-date on insurance trends is what Nancy Nicholson has enjoyed most about her association with the Iroquois Group.

Branch among 'Hot 100'

We're proud to say our company president has been named to Insurance Business America's "Hot 100" list. Laurie Branch has built Iroquois into one of the nation's largest networks of independent insurance agencies. Click on the photo for more.