Iroquois’ Revenue Sharing Plan

The Key to Building Agency Revenue, Profits and Value

What is PartnerPlan®? PartnerPlan® is Iroquois’ compensation framework. It is at the heart of Iroquois’ value proposition to help our members increase their revenue, profit, and agency value while strengthening their independence.
PartnerPlan® provides stability, predictability, and flexibility.

PartnerPlan® provides Iroquois members with the opportunity to earn higher commissions as they increase their participation with Iroquois. It also allows members to earn more bonus and contingency revenue than they might on their own and to do so more consistently from year to year.

PartnerPlan® is easy to read and understand. It clearly spells out what percentage of commissions and bonus revenue the member will receive that year based on their total eligible premium written with Iroquois carrier partners and their loss ratio with each carrier. As members grow with Iroquois, they move up level after level, increasing their share of total revenue. We also offer special PartnerPlan® options for our largest members who are most highly partnered with us.

PartnerPlan® also provides benefits and services in addition to agency compensation. The more you partner with Iroquois, the more commission and bonus revenue you earn; and the more resources we provide to you to help you succeed. Ask about Producer Development, Loan Validation, and M&A support in building your annual plan.

PartnerPlan® can offer more Income for Members than through direct appointments.

Because of Iroquois’ size and consistent performance of profitable growth, we earn more compensation from our carrier-partners than individual agencies can earn on their own. The additional compensation may come through higher monthly commissions, new business overrides, or by maximizing the carrier’s profit-sharing grids and being able to negotiate additional compensation layers based on State, Regional, and National performance.

Check with your Iroquois Regional Manager for more details about PartnerPlan®.