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Why Iroquois Could be a Great Fit for Your Agency

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Why Iroquois Could be a Great Fit for Your Agency - Andrew Ryan
RYAN ANDREW, President, The Andrew Agency, Virginia

Iroquois continues to provide value to our agency through unbiased market analysis, industry leading profit-sharing, and carrier access. Iroquois has enabled our agency to expand into markets that we would have never been able to on our own. Our decision to become an Iroquois member was not taken lightly. To this day, our only regret is not becoming a member sooner. Iroquois will help you take your agency to the next level and beyond!

W. Barrett Grant
W. BARRETT GRANT, Partner, Fuller Sudlow Insurance, Georgia

We are incredibly grateful for the partnership we have with Iroquois!  Over the past several years, we have exceeded our growth targets and retention goals due in large part to the access to more markets and higher commission structures Iroquois brings.  (Iroquois regional manager) Don Hunt has been an invaluable resource to us given his depth of knowledge and winsome approach to building a true advisory practice.  Simply put, we are years ahead of our business plan because of our strategic partnership with Iroquois!

Why Iroquois Could be a Great Fit for Your Agency - Darin Hoover
DARIN HOOVER, President, McGhee Insurance, Arkansas

Our agency chose to join Iroquois after 2 years of research and discussions with several agency networks and our partner insurance carriers. The carriers overwhelmingly recommended Iroquois. The fact that Iroquois also supports our state Big I also played a role. To say joining Iroquois last year was the best decision I have made in years would be an understatement. They have exceeded our expectations with market support and expertise, new producer loans, agent training and of course increased profit sharing. We are proud to be members of Iroquois.

Why Iroquois Could be a Great Fit for Your Agency - Sarah Ahmed
SARAH AHMED, Vice President, Oropeza Insurance, Virginia

We have grown immensely with the help of Iroquois. Iroquois gave us access to preferred markets that offered more competitive terms to our leads, who then became clients. In addition, Iroquois’ financing program allows us to invest in our overall agency development, thereby driving revenue growth. Iroquois provides the tools that contribute significantly to our success. 

Dewitt Jenks
DEWITT JENKS, Jenks Family Insurance, New York

The Iroquois Group has supported our family business from the start. Iroquois’ guided approach has been seamlessly organized. This with our long range strategic plans and hard work has facilitated Jenks Family Insurance’s continued yearly growth. We continue to be grateful to The Iroquois Group and Ben Ward for fostering a strong trusted relationship.

Iroquois provides the following:


In the past few years, thousands of P&C producers were polled by Insurance Business America about their experience with insurance networks and Iroquois received a “Five Star” ranking. Over 2,500 members with agency premiums ranging from $2M to $200M+, benefit from Iroquois’ member customized solutions.


Iroquois doesn’t interfere with the management of its Member Agencies. The Members choose which Iroquois benefits and services are best for them. Agencies remain 100 percent independent and never give up equity or pay any initiation fees or dues.


Because of its size and historic profitability with its core carrier-partners, Iroquois earns compensation that individual agencies cannot match. Members can begin earning profit sharing with as little as $50,000 in premium with a given carrier. Depending upon how much total premium a Member writes with Iroquois carriers, highly partnered members can earn 100% of the profit-sharing revenue.


Iroquois partners with over 25 core carrier-partners, and even more specialty and niche carriers. Through its Market Optimization process, Iroquois helps to analyze each Member’s carrier mix and identify the optimum carrier line up so Members can write and retain more business, while maximizing revenue and efficiency. New carrier appointments through Iroquois typically come with lower volume commitments than direct carrier appointments.

A successful Iroquois Member is distinguished by four qualities:


They are profitable for their carriers


They have an appreciation for the importance of profit sharing in generating agency profits


They are open to partnering with Iroquois to maximize revenue


They are multi-line competent with an emphasis on commercial lines

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