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The Iroquois Group®:

A Network of


Insurance Agencies

Agencies with premium from $2 million to more than $200 million strengthen their independence by joining Iroquois to increase revenue, profits and agency value.

Serving over 2,700 Member Agencies in 48 states

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Iroquois Group
Iroquois Helps Optimize Markets

An agency’s success depends a lot on having the right carriers to help them write and retain more business as efficiently and profitably as possible. Best Practices data show that fit is more important than quantity when it comes to carriers, so Iroquois doesn’t just try to add more carrier plaques on its member’s wall. Instead, Iroquois Regional Managers work with each agency to analyze their current carrier mix and, by adding some and deleting others, find that optimal mix to stimulate their growth and profitability.

Iroquois Serves as a Trusted Advisor

The term trusted advisor means different things to different people. At Iroquois, it means a Regional Manager partners with each agency to focus on its profitability, growth, and overall success. Member agencies have access to a dedicated, seasoned insurance professional focused on increasing their revenue, profits and agency value by employing various strategies, incentives and resources to propel the agency to the next level.

Iroquois Will Customize a Strategy for Your Agency

With more than a dozen revenue enhancing strategies available to them, Iroquois Regional Managers work with each member to design a tailor-made program that elevates performance and drives growth. Through a collaborative business planning approach, agents are empowered to select the most effective strategies to support annual growth plans.

Iroquois Can Help with Employee Hiring, Training & Development

Engaged, motivated employees are key to an agency’s success. Utilizing Producer and CSR training programs, Producer Financing, Commercial Lead programs, and more, Regional Managers work with members to identify opportunities for employee development that fuels agency growth and stability.

Iroquois Offers Vendor Discounts

Iroquois members can take advantage of negotiated discounts on a variety of goods and services including agency management system discounts. Regional Managers consult with members to identify the offerings that will help the agency improve revenues or reduce costs.

Iroquois Increases Agency Revenue, Profits and Value

Iroquois has a unique compensation program called the PartnerPlan®. The combination of enhanced commissions, new business incentives, and the ability to earn significant profit sharing bonuses gives Iroquois members an outstanding revenue opportunity. For most members, this higher compensation drops directly to the bottom line - building agency profits and agency value.

Iroquois Can Help with Perpetuation

Iroquois’ resources and support are designed to assist member agencies in strengthening and increasing their independence so they can thrive for years to come. As trusted advisors, Iroquois works with members to identify perpetuation avenues internally. Iroquois has a confidential internal marketplace for agencies looking to sell that matches them with members interested in growth through acquisition, as well as exploring Iroquois sponsored options.


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What Our Members Say

I’m not sure how I could have done it without partnering with Iroquois. What a brilliant business model. Every party involved benefits and it is truly a win/win/win across the board. I especially lucked out getting Joe Lesko as my Regional Manager. He’s 'Salt of the Earth' with a wealth of insurance knowledge that he happily shares.

Mark KassoufZencer Home & Auto (Maryland)

The best move I have EVER made was to become an Iroquois agent!!!!

Brian K. MayMay Insurance & Financial Corp.

I believe that The Iroquois Group has the most agent friendly contract among all of its peers.

Eric G. MurrayBriarcliff Insurance Group (Kansas City, MO)

Since bringing on Iroquois as a partner, I have seen our revenues increase drastically. In my first year with Iroquois, I earned approximately three times more in bonus or contingency revenue than I would have on my own.

Stephen RobbinsRobbins Insurance & Financial Services. Inc. (Bradenton, FL)

I knew of Iroquois by reputation and thought I understood the concept, but some things don’t always turn out as good as they appear on paper. I found out that Iroquois was every bit as good as it appeared on paper.

Bruce SwayzeWeymouth, Swayze, and Corroon Insurance, Inc.

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