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Proven Partners for Profitable Growth.

At Iroquois, we focus on what matters most to our carriers – growing profitable books of business. Our trusted advisor approach helps us build long-term productive relationships between our carrier partners and our Members which produces positive results for our carrier partners year after year.

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Founded in 1977, Iroquois is not only the original network, but also one of the largest independent agency networks.
Iroquois has over 2,700 Member Agencies operating in 48 states.
Iroquois Members wrote $3 billion in written premium through Iroquois contracts in 2023, and over $500 million in new business. *
Premium with Iroquois’ carrier partners in 2023 grew by 21.5% over the prior year, and Iroquois had a 5-year compound growth rate of more than 15%.
Iroquois’ premium mix is comprised of 57% in Commercial Lines and 43% in Personal Lines.
Iroquois has 55+ regional managers countrywide with an average of 20+ years of experience in the insurance industry who serve as trusted advisors to our Member Agencies to help them drive profitable growth and strengthen their retention.
Iroquois attracts high quality agencies of all sizes – from $2 million to more than $200 million in premium.

* Unlike other networks, Iroquois only measures the premium our Members write through carrier contracts.

Iroquois’ revenue sharing PartnerPlan® gives Members strong financial incentives to write more new business with core carrier partners. Members have the opportunity to participate in profit sharing with a minimum qualifying premium of $100,000 for most personal and commercial lines carriers, and are able to earn 100% of carrier profit sharing dollars dependent on growth and profit.
Iroquois has a Preferred Member Agreement for larger agencies (i.e. over $15 million in annual premium). These preferred Members can earn higher commissions and more than 100% of their share of profit sharing if they are profitable and growing with our carriers.
Iroquois doesn’t charge initiation fees or monthly dues. We make money only when our Member Agencies write with our carrier partners so we are highly motivated to create lasting relationships that build profitable books of business for all parties.
Iroquois’ business model is so flexible Iroquois can custom tailor the markets, services, and benefits to meet each individual agent’s needs and maintain their independence.
Iroquois does not interfere with a Member Agency’s existing carrier appointments.

Iroquois helps Members increase revenue, profits and agency value by providing:

A trusted advisor to help them take their agency to the next level through market optimization and operational improvements as well as a source for insights on agency acquisition and perpetuation.
A framework to help optimize their market selection so they can write and retain more business that our carriers are seeking.
Excellent commission, profit sharing, and bonus opportunities that agents might not otherwise obtain, giving them an incentive to write more business with Iroquois’ core carrier partners.
Direct access to select carrier partners** so they can build a productive and lasting relationship that will build long-term value for all parties.

**Iroquois is not an MGA – agents work directly with the carriers, who approve all sub-code appointments

The Iroquois Group’s highly-partnered Member Agencies provide consistent, profitable growth to carrier partners while simultaneously building a stronger, more stable independent agency system.

For Iroquois carriers, partnering with Iroquois means:

Iroquois helps build their distribution base more efficiently and cost effectively.
Regional managers pre-screen members for profitability, alignment with appetite, and the potential to consistently produce for a carrier — with carriers approving each new sub-coded member agency.
Regional managers work with carrier partners to ensure profitability, production, and retention goals are achieved.
Regional managers are well versed on each agency they manage and are committed to partnering with their carrier counterparts to deliver results.
Iroquois’ revenue sharing PartnerPlan® gives Members strong financial incentives to write more new business with core carrier partners.  Members have the opportunity to participate in profit sharing with a minimum qualifying level of $50,000 for personal lines and $100,000 for commercial lines of written premium with a given carrier and are able to earn 100% of carrier profit sharing dollars dependent on growth and profit.
Iroquois can provide leads, marketing strategies, producer financing and training incentives to help Members grow their business with core carrier partners.

For Iroquois Members, partnering with Iroquois means:

Regional managers are integral, trusted advisors.  The seasoned regional management team brings a wealth of knowledge in agency dealings and works with each Member to customize the Iroquois markets, resources and services to best meet each Member’s needs.
Members retain their independence and identity with all policies reflecting the agency’s name on the Dec page.
Members earn superior compensation from Iroquois carrier partners through higher monthly commissions, new business incentives, and/or more profit sharing than most can earn on their own.
Members receive Best Practices information, strategies, and incentives from Iroquois to improve their efficiency and profitability, but they decide which resources and strategies are best for their agency.
Assistance with Perpetuation planning.
$3 billion of written premium with a limited number of core carriers in profitable segments is powerful. Unlike brokers, networks, and aggregators that work with hundreds of insurance carriers, Iroquois typically partners with no more than 25 core carriers in each region to focus on delivering business that each carrier wants. This focus on the core helps us develop stronger and more secure carrier relationships through building profitable books of business together and gives Iroquois greater leverage in stimulating growth to those core carriers.
Core carriers are fully partnered with Iroquois. They understand and appreciate our value proposition and are committed to growing with Iroquois across as broad a geographical footprint as possible. Iroquois ranks as a top producer for these carriers and they rank at or near the top for Iroquois.  Core carriers give our Members direct access via subcodes, provide platforms and resources for ease in doing business, and write business on a direct bill basis. Core carriers also provide Iroquois with a predictable and motivational level of compensation that justifies the resources we provide on their behalf, and they share the profits that we generate equitably.
Iroquois executes on its value proposition by driving profitable growth to the core carriers. Our 55+ field staff makes over 25,000 visits per year to Member Agencies for this primary purpose. The regional managers add well vetted subcode appointments and grow them using new business incentives, book transfers and consolidations.    
Over the last five years Iroquois has grown at an average compound growth rate of 15% with its core carriers and produced loss ratios well below industry averages. New business reached a new high of more than $500 million in 2023.