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Preferred Providers

Relationships built on trust.

About our preferred partners.

Iroquois has formed relationships with two premium financing companies who bring responsive service, ease of use, and preferred financing rates to our Members for the benefit of their insureds. Due to the diversity of our Members and their individual needs, we cannot and do not recommend any specific provider for a specific Member but encourage Members to investigate those of interest to them.

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Iroquois Welcomes IPFS®!

Iroquois has established a new relationship with IPFS, the largest independent insurance premium finance company in North America, covering all 50 states. IPFS knows that your number one priority is providing the best possible service to your insureds, and they are here to help you do just that. IPFS provides One Platform of easy-to-use tools designed to empower you to quickly and easily:

  • Provide insureds with convenient and flexible payment options
  • Take advantage of integrations to increase financial and workflow efficiency
  • Utilize cancellation avoidance tools to help insureds maintain consistent coverage

IPFS strives to create competitive advantages for your customers. When your back office saves time, your front office (and your insureds) will benefit. That’s why IPFSs provide tools designed to enhance your office’s efficiency and reduce the time and cost invested in operations.

To learn more, visit or contact your IPFS sales team:

Kendall Frank
Sales Executive

Brian Dolan
Sales Executive


We are excited to announce a new partnership between Iroquois and Stonemark, an industry-leading, full-service premium financing company. Iroquois members can now access exclusive rates and enjoy the signature service standards on which Stonemark has built its business.

Stonemark is a privately-owned company and uniquely positioned to finance a broad spectrum of policies across Commercial and Personal Lines. Importantly, Stonemark can serve as a solution in offering financing in both U.S. and Canadian currency, along with financing for sectors such as Cannabis, which has become increasingly complex.

Iroquois members are able to participate in Stonemark’s agency incentive program, which provides opportunities for a number of rewards after meeting and exceeding premium financing targets.

Please visit Stonemark’s website to learn more about how the company can serve as an important partner in growing agency revenue and ensuring policies are competitively priced.

Appointment Procedure:
If you currently work with Stonemark, nothing will change based on our new relationship. If you wish to explore working with Stonemark, contact a member of their sales team.