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About us

Driving value. Increasing profit.
Building success together.

Welcome to the 
Iroquois Group!

The Iroquois Group is one of the oldest and largest networks of fiercely independent P&C agencies in the country. Today, we have over 2,700 Members, whose premiums range from less than $2 million to over $200 million. In 2023, we wrote $3 billion in premiums with affiliated carrier partners.

Year-over-year, we’ve helped deliver profitable growth for our Members and carriers—it’s part of our DNA. Learn more about how we can help you grow stronger, more resilient, and even more successful.

Meet our leadership team

At our heart:

Your independence and strength are fundamental 
to our strategy.

Independent. Always.

We never take an equity position in a Member’s agency. Members continue to work with carriers outside of our relationship.

Tailored approach. 
Personal touch.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. Choose the markets, and resources that best meet your needs. Partner with us as much or as little as you want. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Experience to rely on.

Tap into the knowledge and expertise of our 55+ strong field team 
for unbiased, objective information and 
market intel.

Advice you can trust.

We specialize in cutting through complexity 
to solve your thorniest challenges. We’re committed to helping 
you achieve your goals.

Proud to
 provide a 
regional touch.

We know the local marketplace, the carriers operating there, and the opportunities and challenges facing local agencies. That’s why we formed six regional entities, each focusing on one area of the country.

Let's connect

Founded in


by agents 
for agents.

We were founded in 1977 by Paul Branch, a second generation owner of a successful independent agency in western New York. His goal? To bring together high-performing independent agencies, and leverage their combined results to improve carrier access, compensation, and competitive position. That remains our goal today.

At Iroquois we take business personally. Laurie Branch now helms the company, and we’re still headquartered in the community where we were founded. As we’ve grown, we’ve never forgotten the importance of relationships or the value 
of connection—and we know that there’s no substitute 
for experience.

Strong connections.
More possibilities.

We’ve built deep, trusted relationships with a core group of carrier partners—so we can help you make 
the connections you need.

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